The Mariposa Jungle Lodge Family

We are proud to have a fabulous outdoor crew, most of whom have been with us from the beginning of the Mariposa Jungle Lodge creation.

Meet Agusto Ixtecoc

Agusto was the first employee at Mariposa Jungle Lodge. Miraculously, this gem of a find lived within five minutes walking distance to our site and was able to serve us as Foreman/Caretaker and Site Manager from the beginning of our Belize adventure. Agusto has served Mariposa and its guests in numerous capacities, ranging from administration, outdoor staff development and supervision, fine carpentry, painting, and even cooking at our Gourmet Jungle Barbeques. Learn more about Agusto below because he is now one of the finest Belize Tour Guides.

Meet Damian Ixtecoc

Damian was our second employee. He and his brother Agusto have always been a dynamite team, each bringing a wide range of skills to the Lodge and complementing each other’s strengths and interests. Damian stays away from administration and handles property oversight, construction, maintenance and vehicle repairs, when he isn’t busy serving our guests as a Belize Tour Guide.

Meet Luis Barrientos

Luis was the third member of the Mariposa team, bringing us a keen sense of jungle flora and years of landscaping experience. Along with Agusto, Damian and later employees, Luis has always made a significant contribution to site improvement, as well as building and roof thatching.

Meet Genner Berganza

Genner was part of our initial furniture and construction crew until we completed the initial buildings, but we were fortunate he returned to assume carpentry and maintenance responsibilities to enable Agusto and Damian to meet their Belize Tour Guide responsibilities.

Meet Nelmarie Bol Tzib, Lodge & Guest Services Manager

Nelmarie is another local gem of full Mayan ancestry. She deftly handles management of the kitchen, serving and housekeeping crew, as well as tour scheduling and all guest services. A graduate of St. Ignatius High School in nearby Santa Elena, Nelmarie is torn between her love of science and tourism. Mariposa benefits from her unusual panoply of capabilities and knowledge of jungle nature and Maya culture. She is the mother of two delightful children, Tracy and Ilhan, and wife of the Mariposa Jungle Lodge chef.

Meet Esau Tzib, Mariposa Chef

Esau was among the members of Mariposa’s initial furniture-making crew and later joined the indoor staff to serve guests. During a hiatus from Mariposa employment, Esau discovered his love of cooking and underwent training at a major resort in Guatemala before returning home to us. Our guests have benefited from the natural culinary touch he offers in our expanded range of Belizean menus.

Chef Esau’s culinary efforts are supported by Selma Tzib, a lifelong resident of nearby San Antonio Village and has worked as seamstress, housekeeper, server and kitchen assistant at Mariposa since we opened.

A recent addition to the kitchen crew is Angel Aravalo, another multi-talented young man who, like Chef Esau, decided he’d rather be a cook than a carpenter, although he’s a fine carpenter. He makes a great addition to our multi-talented crew.

Other local talent is employed from time to time to supplement this able group.

Our Servers

Meet Eilda Guerra and Selma Tzib  , who assist us in all areas of food service and housekeeping. Both Selma and Eilda are from nearby San Antonio Village and have been employed with Mariposa Jungle Lodge since the beginning of the resort.

Security Staff

To ensure the safety and comfort of our guests, we employ two security guards, one of whom is onsite at all times when the outdoor crew has left the premises. Ramon Santos and Guillermo are available to assist guests on premises at any hour. Assisting Ramon and Guillermo is Sika, our Lodge dog, who ambles around lazily, specializes in napping, but offers a noticeable reminder if anything seems amiss at night


Meet Clara Perez, Sales & Marketing Manager

Clara joined us at the beginning of 2011 to meet the growing demands of reservations and marketing. Clara works closely with Sharyn and Nelmarie to make sure we provide the highest level of service to the guests she books for us. Tourism is the right field for this energetic young woman who loves people and adventure. If she didn’t have to work, she’d be crawling through caves, hiking the mountains of Belize, and traveling to expand her range of experiences. The enthusiasm of Nelmarie and Clara create the guest-service ambiance that makes Mariposa Jungle Lodge a very special place for a Belize jungle adventure and cultural vacation.

Meet Gladimir Canto

In addition to attending classes for his Bachelors Degree at the University of Belize in Belmopan, Glad provides accounting and guest service support at Mariposa Jungle Lodge.

Our Belize Tour Guides

We are proud to tell you more about our first employees who are now our wonderful licensed tour guides. You will often read about them or see their names mentioned in our TripAdvisor reviews.

Meet Agusto

Agusto Ixtecoc is a graduate of Mopan Technical High School in Benque Viejo and the Center for Employment Training Licensing Program for Tour Guides in San Ignacio. Agusto and his wife, Elizabeth, have five beautiful children: Calvin, Anthony, Abner, Judith and Elisa. Elizabeth is part of our Village Culture Tour team and is recognized especially for her delicious bean dip.

Meet Damian

Damian Ixtecoc, Agusto’s brother, is also a graduate of the Center for Employment Training Licensing Program for Tour Guides. Damian and his wife, Olmi, have two beautiful children: Wilton and Daisy. Olmi is also part of our Village Culture Tour team. Her specialty for our guests is demonstrating and teaching the art of making flour tortillas. Wilton has been a key member of our team of servers in offering our Gourmet Jungle Barbeque and Poolside Pibil Maya Feast from boyhood to teens.

Agusto and Damian, Belizeans of Mayan and Guatemalan ancestry, grew up in the nearby village of El Progresso, popularly known as Seven Miles, just two miles from the site of Mariposa Jungle Lodge, until their family moved to the nearby junction with San Antonio Road. In other words, they grew up in this jungle area and know it intimately.

Agusto and Damian have been part of the Mariposa family since 2004. Each played crucial roles in the development and building of our resort. Their skills ranged from jungle exploration and site selection, to all aspects of building construction, including cement foundations, thatch or metal roof installation, interior finishing and fine tile work.

As licensed tour guides, their special expertise is our local jungle, the Mountain Pine Ridge area, birding, and the awesome Maya history and culture of Caracol, Cahal Pech and Xunantunich. In 2010, they were among a privileged group who attended an anthropology course at Galen University, “Maya Culture and Archaeology of Belize,” taught by the esteemed Dr. Jaime Awe, Director of the Belize Institute of Archaeology in the National Institute of Culture and History.

Agusto and Damian are sincere, dependable men who thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to share their culture and natural environment with guests. They consistently earn and receive excellent evaluations. To enhance their versatility, they’ve even become expert cooks for our Gourmet Jungle BBQ nights. We are very proud and fortunate to have Agusto and Damian on our team.

Meet Sika, Daphnie and Spencer – our Lodge Dogs

Sika is a laid-back character who makes herself at home around the main Lodge and pool area. She selects her sites based on her desire for sun or shade and whether there’s anyone interested in petting her. Sika is so unobtrusive that some guests never notice her. On the rare occasion we hear her bark, we know there’s something of interest occurring, like the arrival of a coatimundi or squirrel.

Sika was in bad shape when we assumed responsibility for her. One of our animal-loving guests, Rita G, contributed funds to have Sika spayed and sent medicines from the US to deal with a nasty skin problem. She is now happy, healthy and living a fairytale dog’s life.

Daphne & Spencer are the latest addition to the Mariposa Family. Born in late 2012, these sibling rottweilers contributed a new joy and adventure to our family.