Welcome to
Mariposa Jungle Lodge


We are honoured to introduce ourselves as new owners of Mariposa Jungle Lodge! We are father and daughter Paul & Aline of Montreal, Canada and we have been in the hospitality industry in Belize for the last 13 years. We are very passionate about the history, culture, people, music and food of the country and we love sharing space with people from all over the world!

Prior to Mariposa, we owned and operated Wild Orchid in Placencia, but something was missing… Both my father and I wanted to do more than host people. We wanted to help people. We immediately fell in love with the vibrancy and energy of Mariposa. With its kind and attentive staff, luxury cabanas, and Chef Norma’s healing and replenishing culinary creations, we instantly knew this was the perfect place for us (and others) to live, love, learn, grow and heal.

We are deeply committed to sharing our values of love, acceptance, peace, and compassion in all aspects of our resort, and are well on our way to becoming a leader in sustainable tourism. We are dedicated to protecting our environment, and helping people find optimal health with the benefits of yoga, meditation, rest, and plant-based wholesome foods.

The practice of Yoga has transformed our lives. We wish to share this practice and our little piece of paradise so that others can have transformative experiences as well. We just built a breathtaking yoga deck under the lush jungle canopy, as well as a newly expanded spa for our world-class Mayan massages. We are opening our doors to yoga teachers, leaders in health and fitness, and other conscious groups who would like to host retreats, seminars, and events at our beautiful resort.

Paradise exists – the only thing missing from here is you!

We look forward to welcoming you,
Paul & Aline Habib

Our Staff

Clara Albeno


Clara has been involved in the Hotel and Tourism Industry at different levels during the last 19 years, has completed a Tour Guide Training Course and a degree in Tourism Management. She has a passion for Caving, archaeology, and Scuba Diving that has taken her to many unique places throughout Belize. From diving The Great Blue Hole to exploring the underworld caves, her spirit of adventure has no limit. She has instilled a strong sense of conservation in her life and a commitment to the protection of the environment.

Administrators & Tour Guides

Agusto Ixtecoc & Damian Ixtecoc

Administrators & Tour Guides
Agusto and Damian, brothers, have been part of the Mariposa family since 2004. Each played critical roles in the development and building of our resort. Their skills ranged from jungle exploration and site selection, to all aspects of building construction, from cement foundations to fine carpentry and tile work. Each has served Mariposa and its guests in numerous capacities, ranging from administration, outdoor staff development and supervision, painting, and even cooking at our Gourmet Jungle BBQs. Both Agusto and Damian are licensed professional tour guides and enjoy introducing our guests to their Maya culture, history, and surrounding natural environment on small, private tours.
Administrators & Tour Guides

Gladimir Canto


Gladimir has been at Mariposa for the past 8 years and continues to be an asset to the company. He is a great multi-tasker starting up from assisting in the management of the resort, accounting and working with guest services up to trouble shooting internet and security system. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Belize and a Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management. His leadership style has motivated the rest of the staff to work together as a team towards achieving the company’s objectives.

Administrators & Tour Guides

Norma Humes


Norma is the Head Chef here at our Resort who is specialized in various culinary techniques which gives it a unique taste to our different specialties. She learned cooking at an early age which makes her an experienced Chef in the kitchen. She obtained a Certificate in Food Preparation from Cayo Center of Employment Training (CCET). Her priority is making individuals feel special through the taste of her meals either being appetizers, soups, Vegan dishes or Deserts. Norma is an active woman who is part of the San Antonio Women’s Group Cooperative in the village of San Antonio.

Administrators & Tour Guides

Rosa Gonsalez


Rosa has been working at Mariposa Jungle Lodge for the past 5 years as a Housekeeping and Waitress. She enrolled for a course at Cayo CET and earned a Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management. Rosa has unique talent of decorating Cabanas for Check-ins and honeymooners. When working in the dining, she will always make you feel at home through her smile and will ensure you have a memorable stay.

Administrators & Tour Guides

Josue Mai


Josue is an expert in plants, botanical and does landscaping in order to keep our Resort at first sight. His love for plants started from since he was small up to signing up for a Horticulture Course and being the Head Guide at his previous workplace. He is eager about expanding his knowledge when it comes in the development and proper care of plants.

Administrators & Tour Guides

Luis Barrientos


Luis is one of Mariposa’s first employees and continues working hard for the success of the company. He contributed in the development of the Resort setting and building our Luxury Cabanas, Restaurant and other attractions that we are pleased to offer. His main work area includes gardening, maintenance and makes sure everyone is safe. He can do anything from repairs to electrical and he’s also a Church Pastor.

Our great management team is supported by a talented group of local staff who help with Guest Services, Landscaping, Administration, and Security.

We are a Belize Eco-Resort

Mariposa is committed to providing a great Belize jungle adventure for our guests in a safe, comfortable and environmentally-friendly manner, conserving our natural resources, and operating with eco-tourism principles in mind.
As an eco-resort, we follow practices to preserve the ancient rainforest and our magnificent natural surroundings, protect bio-diversity, and contribute to the sustainability and health of our local community.

Conservation practices we follow:

  • Showers include refillable dispensers with biodegradable body wash, shampoo and hair conditioner. This helps reduce waste associated with product packaging designed for individual use
  • We use only biodegradable toilet tissue
  • To conserve energy, we use fluorescent lighting where appropriate throughout the property
  • Without compromising functionality, we have installed low flush water toilets and conservation shower heads
  • We use “on demand” water heaters, which only heat up when a hot water faucet is turned on
  • Water is served in our bar and restaurant “on request” in order to conserve
  • “Gray Water” from the sinks and baths is used to irrigate the flora and fauna found on our Belize Eco-resort
We believe our guests have intentionally selected a Belize Eco-resort as a responsible choice that allows them to enjoy the jungle while limiting their impact on the environment. To assist with our sustainability efforts, we ask guests:
  • to make a personal choice on how often they want towels or linens changed
  • to turn off faucets when not actually using running water
  • to return all bottles, whether plastic or glass, for recycling

We contribute to the sustainability of our Village environment in many ways:

  • Participating in a private litter removal program on our local road. Mariposa adopted a mile of the San Antonio Road (from the junction with the Mt. Pine Ridge Road north) and our staff regularly picks up litter left by people who aren’t sensitive to its effect on the natural beauty and ecology of our area.
  • Burning flammable materials, burying organic food waste, and returning bottles and plastic for recycling or safe disposal
  • Bringing our own cloth or paper carriers to the markets
  • Boycotting the use of Styrofoam products
  • Promoting the use of unadulterated seeds by local farmers
  • Developing an education program to present in local schools and churches to sensitize the local people about the need for immediate care and long-term preservation of our precious land and rainforest

We also contribute to the indigenous people of San Antonio, Cayo (our local Village) and select Belize charities:

  • Sponsoring attendance at specialized training educational courses for our employees and local youth
  • Offering specialized tools and training for employees who have become skilled finish carpenters and construction workers
  • Contributing to San Ignacio Rotary to support scholarship assistance to needy and deserving local youth
  • Providing Christmas food baskets and basic clothing for needy families
  • Establishing adn funding the MJL scholarship program to enable deserving young locals to attend High School. Contributions by our generous guests are greatly appreciated.

Pack for a Purpose

Pack for a Purpose

How Guests Can Give Back to Belize
We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save a little space in your suitcase and take supplies for area schools in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our area.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I visit?

The most popular time to visit is between Christmas and April, between the rainy and dry seasons. May and June are lovely for people who don’t mind some hot weather. Rain is intermittent between June and December; weather no longer seem to follow traditional patterns. From October to January, the temperature ranges from cool to hot, and visitors must be prepared for muddy roads.

Are there wild animals around the Lodge?

Yes, but sightings are rare because most are nocturnal. Our guests have seen gray foxes, armadillos, coatimundi, possums, squirrels, and other unidentified small animals. A resident jaguar has been heard wandering near our buildings and has been seen on nearby properties, but he or she stays within the protective shield of the rain forest. We are often visited by Howler Monkeys and the unique howl of the protective males.

What should I wear?

Belize is very informal. We suggest wearing comfortable cotton clothes. For those who typically attract insects, slacks are preferable to shorts. A long sleeve cotton shirt would be handy to wear over sleeveless tops when visiting places that tend to have the insidious ‘no-seeums’. Comfortable walking shoes are essential. Two pairs are desirable in case one gets wet. It’s best not to choose your best clothes for excursions and jungle outings. Don’t forget a bathing suit. If you are adventuresome and might find yourself exploring a muddy cave, or hiking along a muddy path, you may wish to bring some ‘disposable clothes’ because the local mud tends to stain.

What should I bring?

Binoculars for viewing birds or wildlife, insect repellent with a high DEET factor, sunglasses, head protection, light raingear, a protective sun hat or cap, spare batteries or recharging equipment for your camera batteries. Experience has taught us that ordinary baby oil is an effective repellent for no-seeums and sand flies, which are more common than mosquitos in some areas. We provide umbrellas, flashlights, bug spray, hairdryers, and mango-scented liquid body soap, shampoo and conditioner.

Do we need any shots?

No. The Belize Tourist Board posts a statement that there are no serious epidemic diseases in Belize and no inoculations are necessary. Some people take anti malaria tablets in an abundance of caution, but malaria is not common in this area. You should make these decisions with your personal doctor.

Do you accommodate children?

Mariposa Jungle Lodge is designed for adults and young people who are independent and self-sufficient. We do not have cribs or other amenities for infants and toddlers. We welcome young children who are accustomed to an adult environment.

What do you mean by “border fees?”

If you cross the border from Belize to Guatemala in order to visit Tikal, the Belize government imposes a departure tax. The tax is currently about $20 U.S. (Another departure tax is charged at the airport when you leave Belize, but some air carriers include it in the price of your ticket.) In addition, a small entry fee may be charged at Guatemala Immigration. Then a representative of the Municipality of Melchor de Mencos, the first town after the Guatemala border, may stop you for an entry fee. Your guide will assist you throughout the process.

Why do you include service charges?

Service charges are added to ensure that all employees of the Lodge, seen and unseen, receive some recognition that their efforts have contributed to occupancy. Most resorts in Belize have adopted this policy. Given the fact that 10% is distributed among the entire staff, we expect some guests to give supplemental gratuities to anyone you’d normally tip at a higher rate. Supplemental tipping is neither required nor expected, but it is greatly appreciated.

How do you get to the cayes or Placencia from Mariposa Jungle Lodge?

You can fly from Belmopan George Price Airstrip, Maya Flats Airstrip, Goldson International Airport or Belize Municipal Airport. We recommend the latter because the fares are lower and there’s no disadvantage when traveling to the islands. The best bargain is one of the water taxi services in Belize City. The fares are nominal and it’s a great boat ride (We can transport you to any of the three transportation sites for the same price from the Lodge). Useful trivia: In Belize, “cayes” is pronounced “keys.”

Should I exchange money at the airport?

Only if you’re not using US currency. Locals prefer to be paid in US currency because it’s more valuable in exchange for currencies outside Belize. For example, at the Guatemala border, one gets more quetzales for US $1 than for the equivalent $2 Belize. The Belize dollar is pegged 2:1 to the US dollar and US currency is accepted throughout Belize at that rate. The exchange rate at the airport bank office is less favorable than at other locations.

Are travelers checks or credit cards typically accepted?

Travelers checks may be accepted at larger establishments but are not popular because the local banks do not cash them at par. Mariposa Jungle Lodge accepts Visa and Mastercard. Cash is always gratefully accepted.

How much should I tip our tour guide?

A generous tip for excellent service would be US $5-$10/per person for a full-day excursion and half that for a half-day excursion. The amount is discretionary, of course, and should reflect your level of satisfaction.

How long does it take to drive from the airport to the Lodge?

About two hours from Belize International Airport, 1.5 hours from Belize City, and 45 minutes from San Ignacio airstrip at Maya Flats.

Do I need a passport to travel to Belize?

Yes, and it needs to be valid for a clear six months after the intended departure date from Belize.

What is the primary language?

English, but Spanish is spoken widely in the Cayo District.

What time zone is Belize in?

Central, but we do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

Is the voltage the same for electricity as the U.S.?

Yes, 110 volts. Same plugs as U.S. too.

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