Meet the team

Our Team

Gladimir Canto

C.F.O./ Manager

Gladimir has been at Mariposa for the past 11 years and continues to be an asset to the company. He is a great multi-tasker starting up from assisting in the management of the resort, accounting and working with guest services up to trouble shooting internet and security system. He has a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Belize and a Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management. His leadership style has motivated the rest of the staff to work together as a team towards achieving the company’s objectives.

Norma Humes


Norma is the Head Chef here at our Resort who is specialized in various culinary techniques which gives it a unique taste to our different specialties. She learned cooking at an early age which makes her an experienced Chef in the kitchen. She obtained a Certificate in Food Preparation from Cayo Center of Employment Training (CCET). Her priority is making individuals feel special through the taste of her meals either being appetizers, soups, Vegan dishes or Deserts. Norma is an active woman who is part of the San Antonio Women’s Group Cooperative in the village of San Antonio.

Rosa Gonsalez


Rosa has been working at Mariposa Jungle Lodge for the past 5 years as a Housekeeping and Waitress. She enrolled for a course at Cayo CET and earned a Certificate in Tourism Hospitality Management. Rosa has unique talent of decorating Cabanas for Check-ins and honeymooners. When working in the dining, she will always make you feel at home through her smile and will ensure you have a memorable stay.

Josue Mai


Josue is an expert in plants, botanical and does landscaping in order to keep our Resort at first sight. His love for plants started from since he was small up to signing up for a Horticulture Course and being the Head Guide at his previous workplace. He is eager about expanding his knowledge when it comes in the development and proper care of plants.

Luis Barrientos


Luis is one of Mariposa’s first employees and continues working hard for the success of the company. He contributed in the development of the Resort setting and building our Luxury Cabanas, Restaurant and other attractions that we are pleased to offer. His main work area includes gardening, maintenance and makes sure everyone is safe. He can do anything from repairs to electrical and he’s also a Church Pastor.