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“La Selva Trail”

Mariposa Jungle Lodge recently inaugurated “La Selva Trail”, our new 1600 meter onsite hiking trail. The trail circumvents the perimeter of our property and offers a moderate degree of difficulty. The trail is well-defined and periodic signage confirms the remaining distance, but only the individual hiker can assess the degree of difficulty based on his or her comfort zone in hiking. As the owner of this awesome piece of paradise, I decided it was incumbent on me to hike each of new trails, despite my limitations as a senior-citizen desk jockey who spends her days at the computer.

Our loving and patient General Manager and Chef accepted the challenge of escorting me on the trail. I started out vigorously, impressed by the great job our staff had done with clearing the trail. I was predictably challenged by an occasion uphill or downhill incline. I was more challenged when the inclines had to be navigated by sidestepping protruding rocks. For some strange reason, my companions were unchallenged as I stumbled along, but one was always alert to assist me if I was in danger of losing my always precarious balance. The hike was awesome. I saw pieces of our 40-acre site that I’d never had time to see before. Ongoing beautiful jungle escape. And then, a special reward. Three toucans flitting among the trees, thinking they were enjoying their usual privacy. Later, a few butterflies of an unfamiliar species. After more than an hour of hiking, I was ready for a hot shower, alcohol rub on my likely-to-be-charley-horsed legs, and reflection on the awesome encounter I had just enjoyed with nature. On reflection and based on comments from guests in better hiking condition than I, it’s a great trail with a few challenging areas. So, I’m proud that we’ve added a significant hiking option to experienced hikers who want to do more than walk. La Selva Trail is now another complimentary feature of a visit to Mariposa Jungle Lodge.

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Tuesday, 25 September 2018
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US Tel: 1-304-224-2136

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