Actun Tunichil Muknal, popularly known in Belize as “ATM” or “The Cave of the Stone Sepulcher” is the ultimate, unique Belize Cave Tour. Consisting of a series of chambers, including a large Cathedral where sacrificial ceremonies once took place, this is a rare opportunity to visit a living museum where artifacts can be viewed in their original context. Including the crystallized skeletons of human sacrifices made centuries ago.

The Maya called the world beneath the earth “Xibalba” and it was a place reserved for shamans and kings (and their sacrifices!). To explore this piece of the Maya underworld, you must hike about 45 minutes, wade across a river three times, and swim through a short stretch of deep water. While in the cave, sometimes you will be walking, other times swimming or climbing over rocks. The reward is a unique and unforgettable experience.

What you need to know about Actun Tunichil Muknal.

  1. You should definitely book the ATM Cave Tour early, as there are limited qualified guides for to guide the Cave and 8 person to a guide.
  2. You will be spending approximately 3 hours in the cave, that is cold, quick dry clothing is recommended.
  3. Although the tour operator will have snacks, you ma want to pick you own choice of snacks for treat before entering the cave. Lunch will be after the 3 hour in cave and 45 minutes hike back to the picnic area.
  4. There are an about 3 places in the cave that are tight squeeze, in other area the ceiling raise to about 100 foot which make the cave much less claustrophobic in our opinion.

What should I wear for the ATM cave tour?

– Please use bug spray sparingly, bring along a change of clothes, extra socks and good hiking shoes or shoes you don’t mind getting wet.

ATM Cave Tour Photos