Belize Birding Tour

Mariposa Jungle Lodge is a birdwatcher’s paradise. Explore on your own using our nature trails and birdwatch tower – or employ one of our guides to take you to different Cayo ecosystems and nesting environments. Guided bird watching tours, onsite or nearby, are available by appointment and tailored to your interests.

There are over 400 known bird species in the immediate geographical area that ranges from broadleaf forest and open agricultural land to the nearby Mountain Pine Ridge Forest. We enjoy a wide range of those species right here on the 40-acre Mariposa property.

Each morning, an avian symphony precludes the need for an alarm clock, and provides excellent birding opportunities. The sweet cooing of Mourning Doves, the noisy squawking of Green Parrots, the gentle song of the Trogon.

Sparkling Yellow Kiskadees and the magical Hummingbirds visit the office staff daily and perch right outside the windows. But nothing excites our guests more than the easily-identifiable Keel-Billed Toucans with their extraordinary, disproportionate beaks and frog-like grunts.

A favorite spot for bird lovers is our Jungle Birdwatch Tower, located a short hike from the lodge. Here you climb stairs to a 16-square-foot deck about 20 feet off the ground, where you can comfortably enjoy a 360-degree view of an area brimming with different trees, plants, nests, and birdlife.

Birding in Belize Photos