Belize Blue Hole Flyover

A UNESCO World Heritage Site

If you’re like most visitors to Belize, you want to see the world-famous Great Blue Hole. And with good reason, it’s unique and amazingly beautiful. Since not all of us are scuba divers or prepared to take the long boat ride from San Pedro or Belize City, there is a new option for visiting the Blue Hole – see it from the air!

Tropic Air, one of the local airlines, offers a “flightseeing” trip several times each week from Belize City. After a pleasant 18-minute ride in a small twin-engine plane, the pilot circles around the Blue Hole twice in each direction, to ensure all passengers on both sides get great views and photo ops. You’ll also see stunning views of the Belize cayes and the barrier reef, the second longest in the world, on your way to and from Belize City.

We are happy to arrange this experience for you. Please inquire for details and rates.

Blue Hole Flyover Photos