Butterfly Farm

We love Them! You love Them! Let’s See Them.

Mariposa is Spanish for “Butterfly”, and we here at Mariposa Jungle Lodge would like to take you on a tour to the largest butterfly ranch in Belize. Get to visit, photograph and learn about more than 30 species of beautiful butterflies including the iridescent “Blue Morpho” or “The Belizean Blue” which is among the largest butterflies in the world with wing’s span up to 7 inches in diameter. About 700 species of butterflies are native to Belize, most of which you can find in the Rainforest, in mountain pine ridge or on a regular nature hike in the jungle.

Located only a few minutes away, Green Hills Butterfly Farm is home to some of the most radiant butterflies in the country. The farm sits on a 250 acre property in the Rainforest dedicated to preserving and protecting the habitat for wildlife. Enjoy a leisure tour in the butterfly exhibit and learn about each species, their behaviors, and complete life cycle. While most of them prefer basking in the sunshine flying from flower to flower, others prefer coming out at dusk or hiding in the shade while resting.

Butterflies in Belize, you can see at Green Hills Ranch are: The Blue Morpho, Mexican Bluewing, Banded King Shoemaker, Malachite, Rusty-tipped Page, Banded Peacock, Crimson Patch, Common Owl, Magnificent Owl, Giant Owl, Tiger Longwing, Isabella’s Longwing, Golden Longwing, Small Postman, Zebra Longwing, Red Rim, Ruby-Spotted Swallowtail, Grecian Shoe-maker, Glasswing, Monarch Butterfly, Variable Cracker, Queen, Mosaic and so much more.

Butterflies in Belize Photos