Jungle Night Hike & Descent into Bol's Museum Cave

  • Intensity

    Moderate - Challenging

  • Min # of Ppl

  • Duration

    After dinner experience


This lesser known cave was discovered by the father of one of our staff members. As such, we are the only company to offer this exciting night hike and visit option. The journey begins with a brief jungle hike offering superb views all the way to Guatemala. Once you get to the hillside destination, you and a member of the Bol family will descend through a narrow (app/ 36” diameter) natural opening down a ladder into the cave.

Pottery on in Cave

There are over 1000 artifacts found on site still in the cave, many left just where they were discovered, which is why it is called a Museum Cave. This exclusive tour can be easily added to any other package or itinerary since the excursion doesn’t start until after dinner.

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Belize Tel: 011-501-670-2113

San Antonio, Cayo, Belize

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