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Horseback Ride in the Maya Mountain Foothills of Belize

horseback-belize-jungle Horseback riding in Belize Jungle
The foothills of Belize

Horseback riding through the Belize jungle is a surreal experience. And a unique way to explore the dense, pristine broadleaf forest near Mariposa Jungle Lodge.

Just a short drive from the Lodge takes you to our good friend, Joe Tzul, a San Antonio local of Maya descent and expert rider, who will guide you past his grazing cattle into the pristine, broadleaf forest.You never know what you will see, so bring your camera!But be sure to secure it around your neck so your hands are free to keep control of your horse.

Joe will point out various plants along the way, many of which are used in traditional Maya healing practices. Your well-trained horse will help you navigate narrow jungle trails and lead you to plateaus to enjoy splendid views of our beautiful San Antonio Village.

Joe will point out the remains of Maya homes that, like the Mariposa site, were part of the area Maya Village of Pacbitun, a lesser-known Maya community that thrived from 1,000 BC until about 900 AD, when it was abandoned.(Mariposa guests not only stay in this former Village but can choose to visit the partially excavated site as part of our "Hidden Treasures" tour.)​

Whether you and your family are looking for an afternoon ride to relax and enjoy the sights and sounds of the jungle or you're looking for an adventure that is both physically and intellectually challenging, jungle horseback riding is for you!Joe takes great care to instruct and watch over novice riders.

He matches horse to rider based on rider skill level and personality matches. You will be kept close to the guide in case any issues of questions arise. Be ready for one of the most unusual rides of your life. The views are truly unforgettable and perfect photo ops abound!

Here's an important piece of Mariposa trivia.It was during a full-day ride with Joe that Jim & Sharyn, overwhelmed by the nature, history and beauty of this area, were inspired to settle in the San Antonio, Cayo area.They bought a nearby 40-acre parcel that same week and created Mariposa Jungle Lodge.Beware!The Belize jungle can be magical.

When booking, let us know you're interested in horseback riding. We also offer a faster, more challenging option for experienced riders through our friends at Mountain Equestrian Trails ("MET".)Email Sharyn today at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information or chat with her now on our website.

Happy Riding! 

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