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Transforming Mariposa Jungle Lodge

My girlfriend is transforming her popular resort to 100% Vegan!!!!!

The established resort is going completely vegan by August/September! With their hundreds and hundreds of reviews on trip advisor, we now have the opportunity to educate to the masses!

I will be marketing hard for this vegan resort! Very very special loving owners offering a safe place for humanitarians: vegan families, activists and wellness seekers. Non-vegans will enjoy the experience as well!!!!!

The negotiations and transformation was recently conducted through a special little lady… meet Aline Habib????????????

She trusted her heart and passion for animals!

She demanded changes with her establishment no matter what kind of financial decline may be at risk. “It’s not about the money” for her.

She trusts that seekers will find her vegan resort! She’s NOT worried!! And I’m gonna bust my ass to show her that going vegan added value, niche demand and true success are now coming in the waves of abundance!!! And most importantly it saves lives!!!! ????

But first, let me rewind!

Let me explain a little of the behind the scenes….many emotional things happen to people in life that their deepest purpose is not clear.
Aline created a public therapy platform to reveal her deepest seeded wounds in order for her to heal and find clarity. In her most delicate and vulnerable state, she was loved hard BUT also badly ridiculed with her vegan dreams and her honest feelings. In the end, she found her truth.


After days of self-healing, her mind/body and soul became the CHANGE she forever envisioned—which is taking action to be a true protector for animals and the Earth.

So now…transforming a mainstream popular resort to becoming 100% vegan is COMPLETE!!

Not just “vegan-friendly” anymore. It’s 100% vegan! Staff to guests eat VEGAN on that property! Period!!

Though the management has doubts, Aline completely knows what is needed!

Please take a moment to read Aline’s intro to the world as a vegan entrepreneur ambassador.

To all my friends I am creating a fun vegan tour package w special gifts!! PM me! No matter the budget, you are all invited to experience the ultimate vegan vacation!!!

I love you, Aline and Mr. Paul!!!
Let’s do this!
Gonna market NOW!

Ok…. get comfy and read below!

“I’ve been waiting for the perfect time to let you in on some big news of mine!! It cannot wait any longer. A minute more would be a crime. You see, it’s been over two years we left Belize…as you may know, those were sad times, leaving Wild Orchid behind. We thought that was the end of our tropical dreams. However, when we went back last summer, we discovered a beautiful jewel in the Jungle. It was love at first sight. With its amazing natural settings, incredible staff, adorable cabanas, and chef Esau’s delicious meals, we knew this was the place for us to manifest our dreams.

My dad and I are honored to introduce ourselves as new owners of Mariposa Jungle Lodge in the Cayo District of Belize! We are business partners, friends, and devout humanitarians who wish to make a difference in this world. We wish to help people reconnect to nature, to themselves, and allow them to learn valuable tools that will help them improve the quality of their lives. We believe in protecting our environment, saving the animals, and sharing the values of the vegan lifestyle with others.

It is with great pleasure that we are transforming this magical haven into an all-vegan, holistic wellness resort. As of September 1, 2019, Mariposa Jungle Lodge will therefore be serving 100% plant-based meals in an alcohol-free environment. Our staff is very happy about the positive changes, as they help us expand our vegan menu, adding new specialty dishes, and a variety of juices and smoothies!!

As we continue to provide the same world-class quality in our services and tours (have a look at our outstanding TripAdvisor reviews!!) we are also focusing on yoga and meditation retreats, detoxification programs & various holistic experiences. We have built a large yoga deck under the lush jungle canopy as well as a newly designed spa!

We welcome you to have a look at our website and come stay with us in one of our beautiful cabanas! We have various options like family units that can sleep up to 6 guests, and also private cabanas like our romantic Lover’s Suite with outdoor shower!! It truly is paradise on earth. We also offer jungle and beach packages if you want to explore different parts of Belize!

We are calling all our friends, family, sisters and brothers to come together to help us organize retreats, classes, and seminars! We are creating a new community of peace, love, and healing. We welcome the peace-makers, shape-shifters, yogis, coaches, and teachers of the world to bring your groups (we can accommodate 25-30 guests at full occupancy with shared cabanas)…and there is possibility of growth on our 40-acres of land! We are envisioning family units and treehouses that will be built in harmony with nature in the near future.

We are creating a new vibe. We are bringing together a new tribe. The moment is here and the time is now. I have been urged to heal, so I can return to Belize and carry out my life mission. If anyone has been feeling the call to heal, or help others heal, let’s get together and make some magic!!

We are confident this new direction will appeal to the growing segment of environmentally-conscious and health-oriented travelers and that our resort will be a leading example in the hospitality industry, and community-building in Belize and throughout the world”

Aline Habib
Proud new Co-Owner
Mariposa Jungle Lodge
San Antonio, Belize
International: (514) 291-7453 (vegan gift code: fruit fairy farms)
[email protected]


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