Welcome to Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

Green Hills Butterfly Ranch, located just a mile or so from our comfortable Belize Jungle Lodge, is a must-see for our guests who appreciate the wonders of nature.This exceptional butterfly house currently propagates 10 species on site. No imported pupas here.

Some species, especially the Caligo eurilochus (Owl), engage in a twilight mating and hierarchical ritual. Guests of Mariposa Jungle Lodge are privileged to book a private viewing during “Happy Hour with the Butterflies.”We leave shortly before sunset, in time for an informative lesson about the life cycle of various butterfly species and the chance to see (even touch if you wish) them at all stages of development. The encounter with nature is not limited to butterflies. We’re enchanted by an amazing array of at least 8 species of wild hummingbirds.

  Then we enter the Butterfly House to enjoy the flight of hundreds of Blue Morphos, Caligo Memnon and Caligo Uranus, three of the larger butterfly species.We observe other species sleeping peacefully, oblivious to the gaping visitors who are fascinated by the photo opportunities provided by various butterflies landing on various parts of their bodies.

Enchanted by the myriad butterflies and awed by the amount of work required to maintain this special place, our guest visit is enhanced by the service of selected spirits or soft drinks that support the “Happy Hour” designation. Those who choose rum punch are warned to keep a hand over their glass. The butterflies love to land on the cup and share a sweet drink. It’s okay to share if you’re willing.

   I have learned so much in my numerous visits. Among my favorite butterfly trivia tidbits:
  • Each species of butterflies eats and deposits eggs on only one species of leaf.
  • A butterfly is held by human hands most safely with its wings joined, using our pointer and middle fingers.
  • The male and female butterflies are distinguishable and sexually attracted by pheromones, i.e., smell.
  • The female is larger than the male.
  • And my favorite: The Glass-wing Butterfly mates at night without moving. But they stay in that position and “do it all night long.”

“Happy Hour with the Butterflies” at Green Hills Butterfly Ranch is available to guests of Mariposa Jungle Lodge by appointment only. We invite to share this rare natural experience. Guests may also tour the Butterfly House during the day when all 10 species are in flight.

Mariposa Jungle Lodge custom designs natural adventures that create memories for couples, groups, and families that last a lifetime. See our Special Offers page or request a Custom Quote so we can personalize your Adventure by Day and Comfort by Night here at our Belize Jungle Lodge.

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