Tikal National Park Guatemala

The great Tikal Maya Ruin never ceases to amaze travelers from far and wide. Although it is not located in Belize, many tourists have Tikal as part of their itinerary, or eventually add it to their travel plans. This tour can be done in one day or over a period of two days.  A full […]

San Ignacio Belize

san ignacio belize

San Ignacio Town ….. Where all the Adventures begin! San Ignacio, Belize is the destination for all things unique, exciting and exhilarating; from learning about plants and wildlife to crawling into sacred caves- the adventure never ends. You can choose to stay in a tree house in the jungle, at a luxury resort lodge with […]

Best Time to Visit belize

The Best time to visit Belize is from December to April when the weather is just right for outdoor activities and adventures. These months are classified as “dry season”, where you can expect warm, sunny days with azure blue skies and cool temperatures at night. Even though this may be the best time to visit, […]

Where is Belize

You have probably heard about Belize in Central America from someone who had been there. Know, you are asking just where is Belize located exactly. Read on and learn what part of the world you can find a beautiful country with tropical weather. Learn why you would want to visit Mayan Ruins, Waterfalls, gorgeous beaches, […]

Interesting Facts About Belize

What Belize is know for! There are plenty of interesting Facts about Belize, one for sure is the country is that, Belize is an emerging travel destination. The Country is becoming increasingly popular for its unique ecosystem and rich biodiversity. Along the coast line is a mix of sandy beaches and swampy mangrove lowlands. Just […]

Meet the Locals on a Belize Cultural Adventure to the San Ignacio Farmers Market

Open-air markets may be a Belize cultural adventure for visitors, but they are the norm in numerous Belize population centers, each of which has one particular “market day” that attracts vendors from outside the community. Saturday is Market Day in San Ignacio, the second largest city in Belize with nearly 18,000 people. In Belize, locals […]

Join us for Cho-Cho, A Belize Culinary Experience

Have you ever tasted cho-cho? Perhaps you know it as “chayote.” It has lots of names in different countries. I didn’t learn about cho-cho (aka “wisquil”) and its versatility until I moved to Belize. Now, it’s a dietary staple in my home and, of course, the Mariposa Jungle Lodge kitchen. Cho-cho is an edible plant […]

The Cultural Highlight of San Pedro

Just as Saturday is a great day to be at Mariposa Jungle Lodge for guests who want to experience the San Ignacio Saturday Farmers Market, a local cultural experience, we encourage guests who want to snorkel or dive at the Great Belize Barrier Reef, to consider including a Thursday if they choose to stay in […]

Why Visitors To Belize Love Mariposa Jungle Lodge Reviews

Guests often tell us the reasons they love Mariposa Jungle Lodge and we really appreciate the feedback! Since 2008 Mariposa Jungle Lodge TripAdvisor reviews from our guests have consistently told us what is best about the Lodge. What do our Belize travelers most appreciate? Don’t take our word for it. See how our guests view […]

Fun Video Showcases the Best Belize Adventures & Mariposa Jungle Lodge

What’s it like in Belize? What are the best things to do when visiting? Watch this video from Innovation & Tech Today to see a selection of the best adventures in Belize, like jumping off waterfalls in the jungle and snorkeling with sharks and rays. And Mariposa Jungle Lodge is featured! Earlier this year we […]