Making a trip to Belize more meaningful!

Belize is not just about tourism. Sometimes people want to give back. At Mariposa Jungle Lodge, we advocate the aspect of eco-tourism that concerns contributions to the indigenous community. We are so grateful when our like-minded guests share in our goals. This week we were blessed by a visit from a three-generation family of 17 […]

Snorkeling from the Jungle

Another great day in Belize with guests of Mariposa Jungle Lodge. We were hosting a 3-generation family for a week who wanted to focus on jungle adventures and Maya culture. But some members couldn’t resist a day of snorkelling. So, with four adults and 5 children ranging from 4-12, we embarked on a drive to […]

“La Selva Trail”

Mariposa Jungle Lodge recently inaugurated “La Selva Trail”, our new 1600 meter onsite hiking trail. The trail circumvents the perimeter of our property and offers a moderate degree of difficulty. The trail is well-defined and periodic signage confirms the remaining distance, but only the individual hiker can assess the degree of difficulty based on his […]

The Mystery of Air Plants

Belize has a very interesting and diverse vegetation. With over 4,000 flowering plants,250 species of orchids and 700 different trees, it is a paradise for nature lovers. Among my favourite natural phenomena are the numerous species of epiphytes such as tropical orchids and bromeliads that are found and observed on site at Mariposa Jungle Lodge. […]